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“What do Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon and Mischa Barton all have in common? Not only are they all on Hollywood’s A-list, but they also all got their help with the same man. Peter Sklar is a talent scout responsible for helping those actresses and many others launch their careers.”

-NBC TV News

Mischa [Barton] needed to learn the basics, so she studied under Peter Sklar, director of the Beginnings Workshop in New York. His former students include Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker and Oscar- winner Reese Witherspoon. According to Sklar, Mischa stood out.”

-E! True Hollywood Story

From the schools & studios

“As an elementary school principal, I had the privilege of observing two of Peter Sklar's talks which he gave atseveral local high schools here. It is rare that students and parents have the opportunity to hear from someone so knowledgeable and experienced. Peter tells it like it is; I observed that the students were attentive and not only gained invaluable insightsinto the realities of the performing arts, but they also learned tools that can be applied immediately to their daily lives. He is relevant, experienced, humorous, and knows much of what is required for youth to be successful.”

-Jeff Newbery
Gaspereau Valley Elementary School
Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada

“Hearing Peter Sklar speak was a wonderful and enlightening event. Our students and parents walked away with knowledge and experiences that they never had before, and were motivated and excited about what they learned. Peter shared great wisdom, honesty, and a wonderful sense of humor. It was a night we will not soon forget.”

-Alyssa Young
Theater Arts Instructor, Vocal Music Director
Alexis I. duPont High School
A Newsweek “Best American High School”
Red Clay School District
Wilmington, Delaware

“For 90 minutes Sklar manages to hold the attention of his young audience… There is pin drop silence in thte room as Sklar imparts the critical steps the young performers need to take in order to ‘make it’ in the entertainment industry.”

-The Broadcaster,
Nashua, NH

Peter Sklar lecturing in Dallas, TX
“What a joy it was to have Peter here last night, watching how well he can grab an audience. He is a wonderful person to be out there speaking to all these children, and giving them such sound advice.”

-New Heights Theatre
Dance Academy and
Music Center
Hookset, NH

“World-renowned talent scout Peter Sklar spent the day breaking the news, good and bad, to dozens of Hollywood hopefuls. These kids may have talent, but can they make a living from it? That’s what Sklar wants to teach them."

-CBS TV News

“For those with stars in their eyes, this [information] could easily be the ultimate break.”

-New York Times

“We were very happy and excited hearing Peter Sklar share his experiences with our students and parents. It was a huge success; all eyes and ears were focused on every word. I believe offering this lecture opportunity to our school and community served to spark and further inspire our students to pursue their interest in the performing arts and other fields as well.”

-Madeline Galan
Assistant Principal
Vineland High School
Vineland, New Jersey

“Peter’s visit with us was very well received. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and my students and their parents received valuable insights into a variety of fields, especially the entertainment industry.

-Carey Collins
Northwest High School
Jackson, Michigan

“Peter’s presentation helped create a vital bridge between the world of entertainment and our school. The students and parents gained not only from his insights and experiences, but from his willingness to give of himself. As the son of a school principal himself, he has a keen appreciation for our role as educators, and his talk affirmed that. ”

-Kevin Sheehan
Social Studies Teacher
Oceanside Middle School
Oceanside, New York
National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades
Reform’s “Essential Elements School to Watch”

“I myself have used some of Peter’s words when talking to students the past few days…I love the positive light he brings to his lecture, as well as his dry but funny wit. It is so important to me to help my students succeed in life, not just in dance, and having Peter speak supported that goal 100%.”

-Elite Dance Academy
Boulder, CO

“The kids and parents are all still buzzing about your candid, humorous, and inspiring lecture… the 90 minutes flew by. The local newspaper has pictures and a story in this week’s issue. I’m so very pleased that I responded to your request to visit.”

-Needham School of Dance
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

“What’s definitely serious is the long-standing interest Sklar has had in the connection between child and adolescent development and getting into movies and Broadway. “What it comes down to,” Sklar said, “is that the people casting the larger projects want to see who these kids really are. Kids can’t show that unless they really feel good about themselves. People don’t talk about that. I try to explain how it relates to getting jobs.”

-Telegram & Gazette

“Peter Sklar’s presentation on the evening of March 25, aptly called Getting Started in the Arts, is an interesting mix of classiness, cleverness, firm testing, and gentleness… He peppers the crowd with humor and questions… he received a roomful of enthusiastic applause.”

-North Andover Citizen
North Andover, MA

“Today we are joined by Peter Sklar who is a talent scout and will be giving a lecture here coming up tonight and tomorrow night about what it takes to make it into this big picture.”

-ABC TV News

Interviewing with Peter Sklar in Houston, TX
“Thank you for the wonderful seminar you gave at our studio. My parents and students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It is so comforting to know that there are educators such as yourself who hold the well-being of children at utmost importance.”

-Ocean Centre of
Performing Arts
Atlantic City, NJ

“… the kids left with smiles on their faces. Dance studio owner Jane O’Donnel said she was very pleased with the many tips Sklar offered. “This was truly wonderful,” O’Donnell said, “It not only motivated and inspired the kids, but exposed them to the realities of life beyond the (entertainment) business.” She mentioned that a few of the parents didn’t attend because they were skeptical, dismissing the “foolishness” of one particular mother who read and believed “something negative on the internet.”

-Press & Dakotan,
Yankton, South Dakota

“If Peter Sklar created a map of the country, pinpointing talented kids who could someday grace the big screen, there would be pinpoint dots everywhere -- even in Missouri. That’s why the New York man, who worked as a behind-the-scenes coach to such stars as Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon, ventured to the area recently…to dispel myths about the industry, and give general advice on subjects he believes many children today are lacking -- proper nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. Students who lack these basics won’t be very successful in show business -- or in any other career, he told the group.”

-Kansas City Star

“Your presentation surpassed the information provided by your assistant, not to mention surpassing the anticipation of everyone there. It was fascinating to hear a totally different perspective regarding casting advice.”

-Performing Arts Academy Oklahoma City University

“My partner and I are in the industry, and I wish I had heard this when I was a kid. I might have been a little smarter. That’s how important this information was.”

-Dance With Me, Ridgefield, NJ

“We feel very fortunate to have had Peter here… he is down-to-earth and a complete pleasure to have around. I wish I had heard him when I was the age of some of my kids.”

-Gotta Dance
Winona, MN

“What a great inspiration you were! It was such a great learning experience for all of my kids. It created so many “teachable moments” this week. You were truly a wealth of knowledge. tI am certain my kids will hear your words often in their minds as they mature, grow up, and pursue their dreams. It was a pleasure hosting you.”

-Hill Country Dance & Cheer
Marble Falls, TX

“I just wanted to take the time to speak from my heart to let you know how much I appreciated your visit to my studio. I thought your lecture was direct and candid. It was great advice for them to hear at this stage of their lives...I think even the parents learned a great deal about their own lives. I hope we can have your presence at my studio again.”

-Ruth’s Robics and Dance Company
Youngstown, OH

“Peter, I wanted to personally thank you for coming to my school…I feel that your words of wisdom really came from your heart. I appreciate your honesty…I also loved your sense of humour.”

-Parkside Academy of Music and Dance
Brookhaven, PA

“You definitely have a way of communicating with kids. My parents, as well as myself, appreciated the message you gave them. Thank you for giving my dancers this opportunity.”

-The Dance Company
Grand Island, NE

“I loved the way you talk with children and teenagers…my students and parents are still talking about the lecture, jokes, and situations. It was fun, realistic, and serious. You are great with children. It was an honor having you in our studio. We really enjoyed it!”

-Sala Classical Ballet &
Performing Arts Studio
Lindenhurst, NY

“I wanted to express our gratitude for your wonderful presentation. Not only did my dancers and parents enjoy it, but Mark and I did, too.”

-All That Jazz
Hewitt, TX

“Thank you so much for such a positive experience. Your lecture was the buzz of the studio… what you said to them really hit home.”

-The Dance Step
Uxbridge, MA

“Thank you for such a great night. I feel very fortunate to have been able to bring your knowledge and experience to my students. I look forward to inviting you again in the future.”

-To the Pointe of
Performing Arts
Cranston, RI

Interviewing with Peter Sklar in Chicago, IL

“Discussing the entertainment industry in gentle, professorial tones, the Harvard-trained counselor and adolescent development specialist explained that while talent and training are important, what’s paramount is a young person’s self-image.”

-The Observer-Reporter,
Pittsburgh, PA

“Producer Peter Sklar, who specializes in stage and screen children, gives down-to-earth advice about the business of being a child star.”

-Dallas Morning News

“We all want to thank you for your wonderful and informative lecture…parents and students alike truly appreciated your message, not just for the performing arts but for everyday life. I have the utmost respect for how you relate to kids…you drew them in like a magnet!”

-Dance Arts Centre
Mason City, IA

“All of my students had such a great time. So many people are upset they did not come.”

-Studio C
Taunton, MA

“It was refreshing to hear you speak so honestly about life to my students and parents. It reflected so much of what I believe in and am about.”

-Anita’s Theatre Dance
& Performing Arts
Sterling Heights, MI

“Renowned talent scout, Peter Sklar, knows a thing or two about spotting the next child star. He’s a talent coach, educator, speaker and author. He’s in town this weekend and joins us with what parents need to know if they think they have a talented child. He’s going to help young people understand the truth behind the dream.”

-FOX TV News

“Thanks so much for your fascinating presentation to our kids. We have had many warm, enthusiastic responses to your talk. Parents brought their kids from homes up to two hours away. I cannot overestimate the value of your appearance at our school. It was the highest attendance we’ve had for any event in the past three years.”

-Broadway School of
Music and Arts
Cleveland, OH

“Our dancers and parents were fascinated with you and your presentation... I have enclosed the front page article of our weekend issue of the Herald. Your lecture was a great success and we are grateful our studio was included…”

-Miriam & Valerie’s
School of Dance Arts
Sanford, FL

“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for holding your lecture at my studio. My students and parents thoroughly enjoyed it- you were a hit! I’ve enclosed an article from the local paper.”

-Wilson’s Center of
Performing Arts
Conroe, TX

“Thanks so much for coming to my studio and giving my students such a wonderful opportunity. I was so impressed with your intuitiveness and interaction with the children. I feel that your lecture created a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration for my students.”

-Dance Dimensions
Wheeling, WV

“Wanted to be sure to send a HUGE thanks! I am feeling very inspired from your visit. Thanks again for visiting our tiny town and making a big difference in some kids lives here… you are doing amazing work indeed!” -

-Osborne Dance Academy &
Wellness Center
Wichita, KS

“Peter Sklar’s most recent visit to Chicago this summer was an incredible event with almost 700 people in attendance over two days. Judging from the many enthusiastic letters and telephone calls we’ve received, his visit was a huge success.”

-Wayne Kennedy, Agent,
North Shore Talent,
Chicago, IL

“I want you to know how very much I enjoyed your lecture and watching you interact with my dancers. I learned a lot about them through your eyes. This will help my teachers and me in the future. It was a real pleasure and I’d like to host another one next year.”

-Banbury School
of Dance
Houston, TX

“Thank you for coming to my studio and giving our dancers such a great experience. Everyone learned so much.”

-Starstruck Dance Academy
Lincoln, NE

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